Photo Florida : the good place for golf fans !

Florida : the good place for golf fans !

In terms of Golf, Florida is the one with more than 1000 courses. Golf lovers will be satisfied while taking a holiday in this beautiful place. Moreover, the time of a weekend will not allow to visit or even play in these beautiful grounds to try to compete with other pros from other continents. In Florida, there are countries with each of the best golf courses. In relation to this, let us show you the best golf course for golf experts.

An excellent venue for all golf lovers

For golf experts, rejoice because we will see below the best golf courses in Florida:

  •  Doral Golf Courses: a course linked to the PGA Tour, it offers a score comparison to all international players like Tiger Woods, Ernie Els, Greg Norman. The hole number 18, one par 4, is one of the most beautiful holes from all over the world and this includes the existence of a fountain. That's why it's hard to compete with the experts.
  •  Key West Golf Club: With a beautiful setting and a warm atmosphere, it allows everyone to play with a feeling of travel through time for a few minutes.
  •  PGA Golf Club: This 54-hole course is in the high level because it is part of the PGA Village. The three courses were designed by the hands of two most desired architects. This may be one of the reasons for the large number of great players who go to this place.
  •  Ocean Links Course: play near the ocean. Everything is suitable for golf as the environment adorned with water features and old oaks. The fairways are still difficult, which allows a challenge for the amateurs.

Do not forget to discover other extraordinary courses

You might be golf expert in your terrain; however, in order to measure your skills, playing in other places with more challenges and difficulties is important. Playing in the Conservatory Course for example, is a great privilege, given the reputation of this place as being one of the most extraordinary courses in Florida.

Besides, having a hole number 8, and a by 3 where the green is just near a small island: it's a unique experience! Let's not forget the Burnt Pine of Destin, in North West Florida, with its 13 holes located near the beaches. At the same time, you can enjoy the sun in scenic venue. And the Bay Point of Panama City Beach, this golf spot offers quite a few unique challenges in a fun atmosphere. You want to try all famous golf courses? Why not visit the famous cities of Europe? Learn about what you must do and see apart from golf

Play with pleasure

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