The most beautiful golf courses in Florida

The most beautiful golf courses in Florida

Golf in Florida

Florida is one of the best destinations for golf in the world. The green natural landscapes, beautiful waterfront places and many other natural attractions added by year-round perfect weather make Florida a very good area for golf. A lot of golf courses are designed by world-famous architects and they attract a large number of golfers from many countries.

Some of the most beautiful golf courses that you can find in Florida

  • Kelly Plantation Golf Club

Located in Destin, Kelly Plantation Golf Club is one of the best places to play golf in the North America. It is an unbelievable golf course in the Sunshine State. The area is characterized by a large land covered in smooth greens, decorated by tall green trees and clear water at the sides of the course. It features 18 holes with turpentine plantations. It is recommended to those who want to play golf and enjoy the beautiful view and fresh air from the nature in Florida.

  •  TPC Sawgrass

TPC Sawgrass serves as a headquarter for golf in Florida. It hosts many golfers who play for the ranking Championship throughout the years. Among the best golf courses in the Sunshine State, TPC Sawgrass has stunning scenery and looks really attractive. It is made with smooth greens, world-class facilities and challenging holes. It is also boarded by forests and clear water with romantic color. All this makes it a common destination for many golfers.

  •  Copperhead Innisbrooke

Located in Palm, Innisbrooke is well known for its amazing golf courses. It has one of the most popular championship golf courses in North America. Copperhead course is the place of national golf competition that takes place every March. The place encompasses smooth green grass, surrounded by tall pine trees and decorated by waterfront sides where wild birds spend time throughout the day.

  •  Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort

It is located in Amelia Island, in Florida. It is an amazing place, boarded by blue Ocean with large sand dunes and stunning marshes. The green course is surrounded by tall pine forests, towering ancient oaks, colorful flowers and some other tropical trees. The place deserves many visitors because of its beautiful view and the good golf course that it has.

  •  Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort

This is a very well-managed place for hosting visitors who want to discover and experience unforgettable life in the coastal land. Composed of golden bushes, tall trees and a green golf course with 72 holes. It offers visitors world-class golf and access to some of the most popular Professional Golfers Association in America.

Experiencing the beautiful landscapes in Florida

It is one of the best things that you should try in life. Thousands of visitors come to Florida to enjoy the beauty of this Sunshine State. It also offers a large number of activities that you can do during your stay.

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